Track Aware and Tracker II
Fremont County Search and Rescue
Canon City, CO



May 19, 20 & 21




TBD   Fremont County S&R  -  Canon City, CO




Friday 0800 Sunday 1700




$175 per student



Meals & Accommodations:

There will be NO lodging or meals at the facility but plenty of local hotels and restaurants in Canon City CO.




There is no prerequisite for Track Aware students.  Tracker II students need to be UTS Tracker I certified. 



Course Content:   
Please refer to the UTS web site ( or the UTS manual for course content.



Student Needs:
Track Aware students should bring paper and pencil, a tracking stick (which can be a wooden dowel, or ski pole, or something similar that is at least 40 inches long).  They need a tape measure at least 3 ft. long, two rubber bands, and a flashlight.  Knee pads are suggested as the student will be on the ground most of the weekend.  Tracker II students need to come field ready. 



Registration forms (available on UTS web site) must be sent at least two weeks prior to training with a $35 pre-registration fee (to be applied to the full fee) to Linda Balzer at 4665 S.E. Booneville, Corvallis, Oregon 97333.


Sponsor Information: 
The contact persons for this course are Mark Balzer Hm 541-757-8863, Cell 541-740-6183 and
Terry Leyshock   Hm 719-275-3875    Cell 719-557-2339